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The same manual was included with all 6 sets.

Since El Constructor Infantil parts were not numbered, you had to refer to the diagram on the inside of the back cover to see what a particular part number looked like. This made building a bit more cumbersome than with Mobaco.

But children probably memorized the part numbers in no time, especially the more common parts!

Shown in the manual are 55 models:

Caja No. 1 - 5 models
Caja No. 2 - 10 models
Caja No. 3 - 10 models
Caja No. 4 - 10 models
Caja No. 5 - 10 models
Caja No. 6 - 10 models

The smaller models could always be built with larger sets, so with Set No. 2 you could build 10 + 5 = 15 models, and with Set No. 6 you could build all 55 models.

Some models are identical to Mobaco, and some are new, which is not surprising since the El Constructor Infantil sets contained different quantities of parts than Mobaco sets.

On page two were instructions, which read:


Para iniciar las construcciones de chalets, tómese la base de madera terciada perforada, en cuyos agujeros deben colocarse los parantes acanalados, de acuerdo con el número del plano respectivo. Después asegure las piezas entre las ranuras de los mismos conforme indica la numeración del plano y posteriormente, ponga las trabas de fibra agujereada que corresponden según plano subsiguiente, para asegurar la estabilidad de la parantería y así continúese hasta terminar la construcción.

Para identificar las piezas, consúltese el plano con el dibujo de las mismas que figura en la contratapa de este catálogo.

Como orientación para el niño damos varios modelos de chalets, para construir según el número de caja respectivo, pero, en realidad, las construcciones que pueden hacerse son interminables y su mayor cantidad de modelos a realizar, depende de la inventiva y afición de cada niño.

EL CONSTRUCTOR INFANTIL lo fabricamos ahora en seis tamaños numerados del 1 al 6, y a fin de facilitarle al niño que posea uno de los números más chicos, la construcción de chalets más grandes y completos, vendemos cajas con ampliaciones según detalle al final de este catálogo.

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To start the construction of chalets, take the base of perforated plywood, in whose holes the grooved uprights must be placed, according to the number of the respective plan. Then secure the pieces between the slots as indicated by the numbering on the plan and then put the corresponding perforated cardboard plates according to the subsequent plan, to ensure the stability of the building and continue until the construction is finished.

To identify the parts, consult the plan with drawings of those that appears on the back cover of this catalogue.

As a guide for the child, we give several models of chalets, to build according to the respective box number, but, in reality, the constructions that can be made are endless and a greater number of models to be made depends on the inventiveness and taste of each child.

THE CHILDREN'S CONSTRUCTOR is now manufactured in six sizes numbered from 1 to 6, and in order to make it easier for the child who has one of the smaller numbers to build larger and more complete chalets, we sell boxes with extensions according to the detail at the end of this catalog.

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The printer is identified on the rear cover. I have seen 3 versions of this:
     Tall. Graficos
     Pagani Hnos.
     Charcas 1877.

     Imp. Pagani Hnos.
     Charcas 1877
     Buenos Aires

     Tallieres Graficos
     Pagani S.C.P.A
     Mancelo T. de Alvear 1877
     Buenos Aires

Interestingly, this printer still exists. I sent them an email asking if they could tell me more about El Constructor Infantil, but didn't hear back...